Meet EcoSwap: Swap Easily and Cheaply to Eco-friendly Products


In the past year, we received overwhelming feedback from our community asking us to feature more eco-swaps and to help people with easy, practical ways to find them. This led us to create EcoSwap, which we have been working on tirelessly for the last six months! 

We’re very excited to finally be launching EcoSwap – a place for eco-minded shoppers to quickly and easily find great eco-friendly alternatives to everyday items! 

When you’re looking for a great zero-waste alternative, there are thousands of options that claim to be eco-friendly but researching each one, to see if they are who they say they are, is an effort you don’t need to expend! 

That’s where EcoSwap comes in – we have carefully selected options that are:

  • Made to last

  • Either fully biodegradable or 100% recycled

  • Manufactured in ways that do not harm the environment

  • Packaged using no plastic or as little plastic as possible

One quick search on EcoSwap and Ta-Da! You have a curated selection of great items to choose from!

It’s free to use and directs you straight to the vendor’s site. No extra charges. No extra hassle.

“Our goal is to facilitate access to eco-friendly products, raise awareness and fight the waste problem we all contribute to everyday”

We’re looking for more great products to feature – what are some of your favorite zero-waste products? Let us know so we can check out the vendors and their products!  

As we grow and improve we aim to focus more on small businesses and those who truly put the environment first, without compromising on cost and or quality. 

Big online retailers are convenient and have some great products but ultimately we want to move away from them and focus on smaller businesses and individuals. 

Let us know what you think?! EcoSwap is for you and we would love to hear your feedback!    

Liza & Johanna