Zero Waste News: Vertical Agriculture and Electric Cars Adoption


In the past two weeks, we have gathered our favorite stories about innovations in the State of Waste and waste reduction to bring you the tea on ones we like best:

The Shift from Sustainable to Regenerative Design in Architecture

As the world shifts away from unsustainable practices in the industry, manufacturing, and waste generation we’re hearing more and more about the importance of circular economies.

Architecture and building design are areas where circular economies are starting to become a focal point. As Paul Hutton, Architect and Chief Sustainability Officer writes it is time for architectural design to focus on ‘regenerative design’, which will “enable us to more easily leave behind strategies that are no longer equal to the challenges we face”.

Vertical Agriculture, Innovation and Design for Greener Agriculture

One of the best examples of the intersection of architecture, technology and agricultural waste reduction is the expansion of vertical, urban farming at scale.

The Netherlands has become an icon in sustainable farming, with Aero Farms in the US and many other countries following suit. Innovation is at the heart of these solutions that reduce the environmental impacts of farming, boost economies and food security.  

Electric Vehicles Becoming Accessible and Close to Mass Adoption 

While buildings we live and work in are becoming greener and the agriculture that feeds takes strides in the right direction… Another major source of waste and pollution is also shifting quickly towards a better world for all!

Electric vehicle sales went up by 43% in 2020 and are close to becoming cheaper than fossil fuel vehicles in 2021. Innovation in battery technology means cheaper, faster charging, and longer ranges – 100 miles on a 5-minute charge!

The tide is turning. Rapidly. We’re in the midst of some exciting changes that will forever change the way we live and how we impact this planet. Imagine the future!?

These are exciting times and amidst all the turmoil of Covid-19, there is hope and inspiration to be found.

That’s all for today.

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Liza and Johanna