Zero Waste News:Plastic from Fishery Waste & Superbowls Reusable Cups

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We have gathered our favorite stories on innovation in the State of Waste to bring you the positive-tea on ones we love from the last two weeks:

MarinaTex – Home Compostable Plastic from Fishery Waste

In the fight against plastic production and plastic pollution, finding viable alternatives is essential.

One alternative is bio-plastic but producing truly biodegradable plastics, that don’t need industrial facilities to compost, remains a challenge.

Enter MarinaTex – a plastic sheeting made from fishery processing waste. The material replaces single-use plastic film and is completely home compostable in 4 to 6 weeks!

It leaves no harmful residues. Fishery waste, 172 000 tonnes from the UK alone, typically gets sent to landfills, where oxygen-deficient decomposition releases greenhouse gases.

Winner of the James Dyson International Award 2019, MarinaTex is heading towards scalable production and might soon be a solution we can all use!

Aluminum on the Rise as an Alternative to Plastic and Less Sustainable Metals

This year’s Super Bowl showcased how Hard Rock Stadium in Miami plans to remove 99.4% of its single-use plastic in 2021. More than 500,000 cups will be eliminated from the stadium's supply chain and replaced with reusable and highly recyclable aluminum cups.

Aluminum is a great alternative because recycling streams are already in place, making recycling a reality rather than a hypothetical possibility, as is the case with many plastic recycling innovations.

The reach and impact of an event like the Super Bowl pushing sustainability is a win for raising awareness of the waste crisis!

Aside from cups and cans, the recent rise in Electric Vehicle manufacturing and sales has increased demand for Aluminium, which is used for lightweight vehicle parts and panels as an alternative to heavier steel. While both are infinitely recyclable in a closed-loop, the lightness of aluminum gives it the edge in reducing energy consumption.

When better options become the norm in mainstream activities, that is where change begins to happen at scale… And we are here for it!     

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